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Why a Black & White American flag? What is the significance of a Black & White American flag? Some find it unpatriotic and disrespectful and others might find it a gloomy connotation. In current times, some fly it as a symbol of the economic recession that the country is going through as well as a symbol of freedom of expression. It can as well be interpreted as a representation of the past, present and future of all the Black Americans living in America. At INTEXcables, we just think it looks cool and don’t tie any meanings to it’s representation.

INTEX cables are completely hand made from the finest components available. All connector parts are made of solid metal, from the brass M642/1-1 Military Spec connector & custom engineered shell to the plated steel stress relief spring. All cables are manufactured with Belden 8412, an industry-standard microphone cable for over 40 years. No compression or crimping is used to attach cable to connector, INTEX cables are welded insuring the strongest and most durable connection possible. If you need a length that’s not listed, contact us at [email protected].

​Personalized engraving is available, because of the unique hexagonal shape of the connector shell, flat surfaces allow custom engraving. Personalizing individual cables reduces the occurrence of another band mate packing away the wrong cable or worse. The longest name we’ve done is Yngwie Malmsteen, so 18 characters is the limit per line. The cable price includes one line on each shell for personal engraving, if nothing is chosen, we will complete the shell motif per the pictures.

​By serializing your cable, INTEX can keep track of each and every cable manufactured and its purchaser. We can, just as well, make the Stars & Stripes out of the other shell colors such as Brass, Orange, Yellow, Green or Violet and if you want to express yourself in these colors, just send us an email.

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Capacitance between conductors = 98 pf/M (30 pf/ft)
Jacket = 0.89mm (0.035 in)
Conductor AWG = 20 (26 X 34)
Conductor material = ETP high-conductivity copper (99.95% pure copper).
Insulation & outer jacket material = EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)
Operating temperature range = -50 deg. C to +90 deg.C (-58 deg. F to 194 deg. F)
Maximum recommended pulling tension = 45.45 Kg (100 lbs)
Minimum bend radius (install) / minor axis = 70 mm (2.750 in)
EU ROHS Compliance = 01/01/2004
Nominal inductance = 0.055 uH/M (0.18 uH/ft)
Nominal conductor DC resistance @ 20 deg. C = 32 ohm/1000M (10.6 ohm/1000ft)
Nominal outer shield DC resistance @ 20 deg. C = 13.7 ohm/1000M (4.5 ohm/1000ft)


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