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A “Y” cable is used to split a signal into two parts or combine two signals into one. Y Cables are common throughout audio as a simple and easy way to accomplish these two tasks. There are five common uses for Y-cables in signal paths:

​1 – combining signals (feeding two outputs to one input)

2 – splitting signals (feeding one output to two inputs)

3 – consolidating connectors (feeding signals from two output connectors to a multi-pole input connector, keeping the signals separate)

4 – un-consolidating connectors (feeding signals from one multi-pole output connector to two input connectors, keeping the signals separate)

5 – send and return (outbound signal on one leg of the “Y”; inbound signal on the other; signals kept separate)

​A Y-cable common in domestic settings has a 3.5mm (1/8″) TRS jack at one end, to plug into the line- or headphone-output of an MP3 player, mobile phone, or computer soundcard, and a pair of RCA (phono) male plugs to connect to the left and right mono inputs of an external amplifier. This is an example of un-consolidating connectors, as described above.

​There are times, however, where they can be used in inappropriate ways, sometimes with disastrous results. For example, two MIDI signals cannot be combined using a Y cable. Two outputs from power amps cannot (under most normal circumstances) be combined via a Y cable (this will usually result in a substantial repair bill). Even in situations where Y cables can “work” the results are sometimes less than ideal. One must consider the output and input impedances, signal levels, and other factors of the devices in question before indescriminately combining or splitting their signals.

​Y cables come in many different configurations that must be defined, for instance, what connector goes on the single end? what connectors go on the double end? how far from the single end to the Y split? how far from the double end to the split? what cable colors to use for easy identification?

​The $125 price listing is for a cable I made for a shredmaster in Pittsburgh PA. He had a guitar with both Magnetic & Piezo pickups so we started out with 5M of black cable terminated in a solid brass TRS connector. We then “Y”ed 2M of red cable with a red shell that read “MAGNETIC” and 2M of blue cable with a blue shell that read “PIEZO” to avoid any confusion as to which pickup to plug into which stack. 2 pickups, 1 cable, 2 amp stacks, simple. If you have a situation that requires a custom build, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to discuss possible solutions.


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