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We’ve been asked a lot about microphone cables and we’ve always replied that we would come out with some after we designed a new XLR connector. The problem we saw with the XLR connectors available on the market was the lack of strain relief which is the cornerstone of our product line. After one of our regular customers asked for a custom XLR cable, we decided to look into this situation a little deeper. What we came up with was a way to modify a Neutrik connector to accept a steel spring strain relief. We decided to use Neutrik NC3?X-BAG connectors with black metal housings and silver contacts (gold is available but not recommended, call for more details). This industry-standard connector is easy to assemble with only 4 parts and no screws and a chuck-type clamp to secure the cable.

Of course, we continue to use Belden 8412 microphone cable with all our products. This cable features 2 20 AWG tinned copper conductors and EPDM insulation/jacket material which makes it one of the most durable stage and studio cables available. The cable’s 85% coverage, tinned copper braid shield provides excellent noise rejection. Every gold & platinum album of the ’60s, ’70s & ’80s owes its success to this cable. Until we come out with our own XLR connector, this is amongst the finest microphone cables on the market.

If you need a length that’s not listed, contact us at [email protected].

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Capacitance between conductors = 98 pf/M (30 pf/ft)
Jacket = 0.89mm (0.035 in)
Conductor AWG = 20 (26 X 34)
Conductor material = ETP high-conductivity copper (99.95% pure copper).
Insulation & outer jacket material = EPDM Rubber (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber)
Operating temperature range = -50 deg. C to +90 deg.C (-58 deg. F to 194 deg. F)
Maximum recommended pulling tension = 45.45 Kg (100 lbs)
Minimum bend radius (install) / minor axis = 70 mm (2.750 in)
EU ROHS Compliance = 01/01/2004
Nominal inductance = 0.055 uH/M (0.18 uH/ft)
Nominal conductor DC resistance @ 20 deg. C = 32 ohm/1000M (10.6 ohm/1000ft)
Nominal outer shield DC resistance @ 20 deg. C = 13.7 ohm/1000M (4.5 ohm/1000ft)


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